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Pentagram India

In a bizarre set of coincidences, all four members of the critically acclaimed indie superstar band Pentagram, were detained last night, for really strange reasons. That too, while on vacation from the band, and despite being at 4 different locations.

Vishal Dadlani – Vocalist and one half of popular bollywood music duo Vishal-Shekhar, was accused of assaulting a customs officer at the Mumbai airport while on his way home from an event in Delhi. Apparently, the officer on duty thought the anger management pills in Dadlani’s wallet were class A drugs and insisted on having them tested. That’s when, co-passengers say, all hell broke loose. After being given a stern warning, Dadlani’s now at his Bandra residence nursing a swollen wrist. He promised he would get pills that were stronger than the earlier batch.

Papal aka Makarand Mane, was stopped at Ranchi while traveling back from a vacation to Assam. Officials said he had 65 kilos of suspicious material and it was being sampled at a local lab while he was kept under house arrest at an adjacent motel. Calls to Papal were answered with just “it was only chai man” interspersed with loud Tamil music playing from the motel room TV.

Their guitarist Randolph Correia, on the other hand was in Nasik when he was stopped by the local police for ‘being suspiciously dressed, wearing x-ray glasses, and communication issues’. This, on the same day a rave was busted in the vicinity. Officers involved said ‘arrey yaar woh kya bolta kuch samajh mein nahi aata’. With timely intervention from people around who translated what Mr Correia was trying to communicate, he got off much faster than Papal and Vishal though, with his glasses intact.

Huge concern still mounts as the last member of the quartet, Shiraz Bhattacharya has still not contacted the Indian embassy yet or hasn’t been allowed to after he was picked up off the coast of Indonesia while on a work assignment there. Fellow revelers at a strictly Islamic beach resort there said Shiraz might have gotten a little overboard when he went skinny dipping at the conservative beach where there is 24/7 supervision. Cops also said 2 burqa clad ladies had earlier complained to them after Shiraz pestered them for their phone numbers and almost fell over while, they claimed, trying to flirt.

Calls to their agency, OML, were met with no response, and their manager was last seen walking towards a cliff in Lonavla, en route to a business meeting in Pune.


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