No that’s not a typo. That’s my new band. Yes, i’m in a band again, almost a decade since my foray with Method, the hip-hop band with Niraj, Vishwesh, Vaas, and for a brief while, Sandy.

Microphon3 is basically Tanmay on vocals, Niraj on drums, and me taking charge of all the electronics/decks. Oh hang on, we recently added a bassplayer too. His name is Romit. Now to give you a little background.

Niraj is, and will always be, one of the most slamming drummers of all time. He first shot into the scene with PDV (Pin Drop Violence), the Bombay band that created chaos wherever they played. Rightly so, his next band was Chaos Theory: Moist Vagina. But unfortunately some activists of the sexual kind asked the band to take off the last 2 words. Niraj is a battery machine. He has caused enough damage both on and off the stage. And i’ve had the pleasure of having worked with him earlier.

Tanmay actually happens to be an old friend that i never jammed with up until last year!! That is just weird. Tanmay’s poetry is amazing, and his spoken-word/rap is unique. This army boy from Kolhapur is quite a revelation. And his Marathi is fantastic. Wait till you hear our amazing marathi-rap hits.

Romit, our most recent member, came on board roughly 10 days back. Romit used to play with Delhi acts Them Clones and Orange Street. Alternative and funk, he can play in his sleep. And you’ll love his hair.

Here’s our facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/MICR0PH0N3

And on twitter: @_microphon3

Follow/add whatever… and stay tuned to our stuff. We’re not about guns and bling and money and chicks. Fuck all that. We’re here for some serious binnezz. Our next track is a letter to the Prime Minister. And we’re all angry young men.

Haha just kidding.

Here’s some of the stuff online…

Our first gig at Mehboob Studios, Life From The Console: http://youtu.be/x28_A2BYCDM go straight to 8 mins if you’re time-crunched.

Our first official music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqg9kLUFuPA (when i was on vacation…)

One second gig, The Bandstand Revival Project: http://zomba.in/Journal/in-pictures-voctronica-microphon3-play-bandstand-revival/

Live video from the console gig: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150718804471208&set=vb.149906795032117&type=2&theater

Of course, all this is before our new bassplayer got into the project so you haven’t sees his long lustrous hair yet. Wait for it.


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