Johnny B for Pope, for Hope.

Johnny B for Pope, for Hope.

As you all are probably aware by now, the Pope has resigned. Else you’re probably not katlik. Most of you may be too shocked and devastated by this event on your timeline, which last happened over 600 years ago. But not me, nuhhuh.

I’ve been waiting for this life-changing, world-changing event for a while. More bass for your case. To save the world, i.e. save Christianity, there is only one hope.

Johnny B for Pope for Hope.

Yes, my friends. It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime. What better place than here, what better time than now? Hmm?

So please, spread the word, share, retweet, do whatever the fuck you usually do when you get those ‘Save the Cute Dolphin’ campaigns. But do more, cos this time, we’re saving the world. Rest assured, i shall stop swearing the moment i’m sworn in. Poetic, hmm?

You can also expect a 10 Commandments (Remixed) pretty soon.


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