Remixes Vol.1

Ok, there’s only 2 in there as of now, really.

I remember many years ago, i thought aloud on numerous occasions, ‘why would people make remixes?’

That was mostly on account of listening to the same ol shitty house music remixes that were all over the place. Then i heard remixes that changed my mind about it. And it thought, why not try it out?

I was certain about one thing though. I would only mess with songs that i loved. And if i didnt like what came out, i’d never have another soul listen to it. It would disappear.

And soooo, now since i’ve started myself, i’m putting these two out there. These two are the first i’ve tried to twist in a way that completely stands out from the originals. THAT’s the whole point.

Snoop Dogg had to feature. Snoop and Pharrell’s Drop it Like it’s hot – love it. But i’ve always wanted something more from that tune. It’s a gem as is. But the minimal drums/percussion/beatbox sounds, give it a whole lotta space to play with.

And then i heard Mochipet’s robot dunk juice, remixed by ill gates & lil john. The rest was easy.

Then one day i was sitting and trying to work out a Drum & Bass track, and after i laid the drums and the bassline, i added a Tom Morello riff cos i love that man. And then i hit a dead end.

It lay there like that for 2 weeks till i had an unexpected guest as a ‘couchsurfer’ at my pad for a week. This guest was Dub FX.

I played him the tune. And not only did he ask me to share the beat with him, he told me exactly what i needed to fill it up. He told me to get vocals into it. So i took out this folder of acapellas i had, and found Zack there. Zack and Tom had to get together.

Let me know what you think.


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