The 3 Year Itch

i moved to Bombay back in 2002. Gave my final engineering exams in Poona, went home, packed my bags, and took a bus. Simple as that. You’ll notice it’s Bombay-Poona for me. Not Mumbai-Pune. I’m old school. 

Since that move to Bombay though, one thing’s remained constant. I’ve actually left the city almost half a dozen times. Once for B’lore, once for Dubai, once for Delhi, and Singapore even. I keep running away. I keep coming back though. Durations vary, i spent almost 2 years in Delhi, and 1 each in Dubai and Bangalore, but i keep coming back. It’s like the longest complicated relationship of my life. Bombay. We may have our ups and downs, but we find a way.  

I realised this September marks three years since i moved back to Bombay in 2011 after the Delhi stink. Sorry stint*

So here i am, packing the apartment. 1/72 Malhar has been awesome, and a truckload of afterparty crashers will agree. But it’s time to move again. Time to get out of Bombay, one more time. 



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