Those last 2 days in Bombay were difficult to get through with. I couldn’t sleep. Anxiety. Parting. Leaving.

As expected, i passed out around 8 am. Which was painful cos i had to be up by 11 am when the landlord came by to get his keys. And then the drive to Poona. Over the past one week, Misty and I had packed the car up with things to take back. Everything i put on sale, was gone by the last minute. Got me enough to fill the tank up. I wasn’t sure how the drive would turn out, given i had barely slept the last 48 hours. But as always, we got in, rolled one, sparked it by the time we were on the highways, and got on with it.


When the storm hit, it felt like a cleansing. Like a wash I HAD to put up with upon leaving Bombay.


Hazard lights were all over the place. Visibility was next to nothing. I kept that switchfoot cd of mine on repeat for as long as possible. During the monsoons, the expressway can be the most beautiful drive in the world. It could turn into the most tragic one in a split second too. This here is the visibility with the wiper turned on at max speed.


A word of advice here. Taking pics while driving is just about as dangerous as texting while driving.


Stopped at the expressway to grab a redbull and a hot vadapav.

For a few minutes there was some respite, around Lonavla. And for the lack of heavy drops, it made up with almost zero visibility. Where you usually see a massive hill with houses, you saw this.


For almost 4 hours, the rains lashed like a tsunami. I wondered if it was flooding in Kalina and Kurla. Hell, it’d be worse if it was already flooding in Pune. Had to make sure the car was ok, especially with over 150kgs of goods in the backseat and boot.


Entered Poona around 6, and as excited as i was with all the lushness and an upcoming Sunday cookout gig at The High Spirits, the first thing that hit me was a high beam from the opposite side. It seems the general rule among the dumbfucks of this place, which is a HUGE number here.  Gonna have to deal with that a fair bit here.



So here I am, back in the city i graduated from. Still got mixed feelings about it. If you’re around, let’s catch up, cos this visit will be short too.

And on that note, i leave you with this tune. Another remix i worked out some time back.


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