The Journey

Part 1

You may or may not know, that one of the main reasons i came back to Peru, was to take part in an Ayahuasca ceremony. Which then became 5 ceremonies, and counting. The whole experience is something i’m still putting down in my diary and runs into over 20 pages. So that’ll have to wait, editing and all that.

Yeah, i keep a diary.

A few facts right away. Ayahuasca is not a ‘drug’, it’s an experience. A trip, though i find it difficult to call it that cos of the way we have massacred the use of ‘trip’ in our daily lives.


Shut up.

It’s a very, long, journey. And these journeys are accompanied by music of the land, songs the shamans sing, in pitch black darkness in the middle of the night. It goes on for upto 4, maybe 5 hours a session till one comes out of that intense spell. The potion is a mix of two plant extracts. In simple terms, one can call it DMT, that being the major constituent. But it’s much, much more.

On my 4th ceremony i wanted to try something. I had heard the shaman’s tunes three times already and i was curious for a different experience. So I asked him to give me my potion which i could take during the day, in my own confines. But this time, with the music i wanted to travel to. A celestial journey where i was the conductor of the whole damn orchestra.

So i curated a playlist on the morning of 12th Jan which took me over an hour, went to my shaman, downed that disgusting-tasting magical extract, took his blessings, and went to my room. The room in this case was a tree-house in the middle of the Cumbaza jungle. I reduced my laptop brightness to the minimum possible to conserve battery, cos there’s no electricity in this part of the world to charge your laptop.

I hit play, and lay back in my hammock.

What i experienced the next six hours was on a cosmic level. I had to be careful with the music curation cos one wrong chord can send your mind and body into a place from where there is no return for the next few hours. Limbo. Nobody has tried this, simply cos everyone trusts their shaman to provide the right music at the right time. But there are challenges a ‘dj’ must take on, and by ‘challenges’ i don’t mean ‘dj championships’ and popularity contests.

Fuck that amateur shit.

Attached here is the music i came down to. This playlist i want to share with you all. Would be wrong to keep that experience to myself. Music i’ve grown up to, music i’ve caught on the road, music i’ve loved, music that’s stood the test of time for me…

Don’t expect this to be like one of my regular sets or mixtapes, you’ll be mighty disappointed. There’s no ‘club bangers’ or ‘bootyshakers’ in here. No drum n bass, glitch hop, loud snares. No, none of that. Doesn’t mean you can’t dance to any of them though. There’s only good music, good lyrics, and one that I wrote myself over 10 years ago.

Stay away from the clutter when this is on. Be alone if you can. Plug in your head phones, smoke a doobie, lay back, walk by the waves, hit the highway for a long drive, be at ease, love and peace.

This is the download link:

If you have trouble accessing the link, hit me up with your email and i’ll send another one to you right away.

There’s more where this came from. If you like the tunes, research about the artists. Buy their music.

NOW for part 2.

The funds are drying up. Been six months since the word ‘salary’ disappeared from my vocabulary. But I’m definitely not letting that cut short my journey. I do believe in karma and that i won’t be left on the streets here, but i don’t necessarily want to get to the point where i can’t sleep easy at night, wondering where the next dollar comes from. I suck at poker.

So i put few of my tracks up on bandcamp. About time i guess, they’ve been rotting in my drives for almost a decade now, some of them. Any money they register, i’ll consider a donation for the rest of this trip. You don’t have to, but if you feel like it, and you got enough to spare, but mostly – if you think i deserve it, here you go:

I’ll be eternally grateful.

Be good. Be love. Be free.


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