Amazon Trail

It was back in november, when i first visited a shaman. His ‘temple’ was deep in the jungle outside of Tarapoto. This was my first ceremony, and i was pretty excited by that fact alone. But there was an icing on the cake.

Now my shaman, he didn’t have a valid driver’s license. So when i got to his house in the city, from where we were to drive down to the center, he sheepishly asked me if i could drive. I said i could. What i didn’t mention was the fact that my license was completely invalid in South America. Yes, I’ve been driving for years in India, where we have the British system. Steering wheel on the right, driving lanes on the left, on coming traffic from the right. This here was the exact opposite, but i wasn’t going to mention that, no way. You know why?

Cos he showed me the ride. Toyota RAV4. The same vehicle that gave me a hard-on when i was 13, back in Oman. I thought i’d never see that vehicle again, after i moved to India, let alone drive one. But here it was, in front of my eyes. And being requested to drive. In the Amazon. No valid license, no prior experience driving this system.



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