Time is an illusion

I mentioned Rich being a yoga instructor, tattoo artist, designer, ayahuasquero, painter.

He’s a world more than that too.

Last night we sat under the skies at night, at his favourite spot, the lake. Many beautiful songs later, in the midst of the sounds of the frogs and insects and the billion melodies that mother nature could offer us,

he asked ‘How are your feeling brother?’

‘I don’t know… a million emotions.. I wish i could be in this, feel this… forever.’

‘Well. In some ways, you are here forever. Time, being an illusion and all…

You’re here now. You were here yesterday. And you’ll be here tomorrow.’

An hour must have passed.

‘I have to go get my camera’, I said.

And he went,

‘Take a picture with your mind. Cameras can’t capture this.’

So I did. And when i got home this morning, i tried to rack my failing memory to recreate it.


Thank You Rich. Brother, voice, messenger, healer.

Thank You Universe.

Thank You.

Only love and gratitude.


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