You may or may not have read about the last time i tried to jam with Ronald and Percy here in Tarapoto, Peru. That was a disastrous night for me.

Three months later i got a shot at redemption, and i did them proud.

I sat my cojones on the cajon, and slammed it away for the next two hours, to latin, rock and amazonian rhythms. I’m seriously thinking of taking up in my brother’s footsteps as a drummer. But as a side-drummer. You know, not the main guy, just the replacement guy for desperate situations when the main guy’s too trashed to play or worse, doesn’t turn up for the gig.

This is one of the recordings from the gig. Ronald calls it Bolero. It was stuck in my head since the first time I heard these guys play, and it was an honour to jam along with them.

You know what i realized? I even LOOK like my brother when i’m playing rhythms.


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