Acid Test

I have my flight ticket to Lima for tomorrow.

I’ve spent the last three months in little towns and villages and the jungle, pretty much the hermit. I have an averse reaction to the mere mention of a city now. It’s where hollow souls exist. It’s where people are trying hard to fill their hollowness, to feel complete. Numbing themselves from the real issues in their head. It’s where the demons will suck on your energies, and leave you to starve when you’re devoid of any emotions. I believe i’m done with the city. Hence, today, I’m nervous. No, I’m freaking out, bro.

This from a guy who never thought he’d live anywhere outside Bombay.

But i have to do this. Even if Lima is only a fraction the size of Andheri, this is going to be the acid test to see if i can survive Bombay and Poona without panic attacks, when i eventually head back to the motherland. Cities are where the gigs will eventually call me. And i will have no choice but to make those visits.

This is like a first date, all over again.

A little voice tells me i’ll pass with flying colours though. I might just say a little prayer today.

Big city life,
here my heart have no base.
And right now Babylon deep on me case.

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