Flashback to those pattern days. Wake up at noon and head to work. Get through the day somehow. Get home by 9, roll a J. Pour myself a rum-n-coke. And then come alive, along with the night. Head to the club, shake-ass, get-smashed. The hunt for the afterparty then was the most exciting adventure.

One such night, the crew got disbanded after the club, and Zico and I called Jovan to find out where he was. Cos he’d promised ‘bro i’ll be at a party with unlimited alcohol’. And he wasn’t too far from where we were. So we headed out to Hill Road in Bandra and hunted down the venue. Walked into a dimly lit arty house, walked straight to the alcohol cabinet, poured ourselves some patialas, and went to the balcony to roll a joint. We had to pass the bedroom to get to the balcony, and this weirdly hot looking woman was sprawled out on the bed, talking to people around the room saying ‘I sooo need to smoke a joint‘. That’s when we came into her line of vision. As we kept walking, she looked at me and said ‘you look like a baaad man. You look like you can roll a joint.’ I just kept walking.

Once in the balcony, i noticed the evidence of many previous attempts of rolling a spliff, and people having given up. Torn rizlas, weed on the floor, roaches all over. Amateur party, Zico said. Yeah, let’s just finish our drinks and head over to wherever everybody else is.

The cutie walked into the balcony. ‘Can you roll one for me? I really need to smoke some.’

Sure. No big deal. I’m a gentleman like that.

‘Are you a drug dealer or something? You look… bad’, small talk.

‘Nope, i hate drugs.’

I couldn’t figure if she was really drunk or just being… nice? So i handed her a spliff. And made another one for ourself.

‘Thank you sooo much. I’m Nurrgiz.’



‘Nargis? Ah. I’m Johnny, nice to meet you.’

I noticed Zico was surprisingly silent, maybe he was in no mood to socialize. But he had a strange look in his eyes i couldn’t decipher.

She took a few hits, smiled a big grateful smile, gave me a hug, and disappeared.

Hmm.. Cute.

‘I’ll slap you now ah don’t fucking tell me you didn’t know who that was…’, Zico said.

Before he could complete his sentence, Jovan ran into the balcony.

‘DUDE DUDE. What happened? Did you say something to her? Why did she leave?’

‘Huh. What. Why you so concerned? She your friend? How come you never get her to my party…’

‘That’s Nargis man.’


‘Nargis Fakhri bro. The movie star.’


Knight Rider hit a massive ditch, the wheels came off.

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