Photog, Bro

I got my first photoshoot assignment over a month ago. Like, i actually got paid to click someone. I almost laughed when they said they’d pay me for it. Till i saw the money and thought ‘oh ok, this is for real’. 

Fair bit of VIP treatment too. I got picked up in a swanky SUV and taken into some isolated parts outside Tarapoto for this. I’ve already told you about Percy in some older posts. He’s one helluva talented guitarist and he’s got some upcoming gigs back in Tarapoto. So this 19 year old wanted to get some shots done, you know, portfolio style. He wanted it to look ‘metal‘. Long hair, leather jacket, etc. I had already done a bunch of shots for the band earlier, all pro-bono. This time around, he was kind enough to pay for it. Contrary to popular belief, musicians with money do exist in some corners of the world. Told him to drop the leather jacket, since it was 40 degrees C.

So here are some of the shots from that day. If you need a photog to fool people and make you all sexy and cool, you know whom to call.


My ride.


‘You think i should leave the shirt open, or…’



When he first suggested a shoot in the middle of the highway, i wasn’t very enthusiastic about it at the beginning. Getting run over in South America was not on the bucket list. But he did find a great spot.


He even got a change of clothes, that’s when i realized this was a serious job.



Then the shoot changed location to an old dump yard. Of course, we were being driven around by his dad, and an assistant who carried his guitars and clothes.


At one point, Percy spotted a massive rottweiler and dropped everything he had and ran.

Very metal.

IMG_7985 IMG_7996

And here below, i present, THE BAND.



I miss these two. I miss being the drummer.

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