Kerala – God’s Own Country

I don’t like to post disturbing images. But this absolute lawlessness in ‘God’s own country’ has gone way beyond even God’s comprehension.

40 dogs were killed 2 days ago in Kannur. This has been happening on a daily/weekly basis for a long time now. Apparently these harmless little creatures are seen as ‘dangerous to society’ by the most literate state in the country. Makes me shudder to think what the rest of our great country is capable of.

Some of the images posted on this page make my heart wrench.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.10.44 am

Show me a more dangerous creature than man. There are pups in that picture that don’t look more than a month old. And this is just one pic from over the last one year of this absolute massacre. I can’t go through most pics myself. How cold our species has become.

In this last episode, two women who tried to intervene were apparently manhandled by the contract goons, in the presence of police. Our great land. If you can read Malayalam, this below is a letter from the State Public Information Officer & Health Supervisor – Kannur, to my dad, who intervened in the killings around July of last year. This letter reassured that no further killings would take place, but exactly a year down, nothing seems to have changed.


I pray this ends soon, before the state has no dogs left. When you realize you’ve disturbed the balance of nature, it’s too late.

The mass mentality in Kerala is so pathetic towards dogs, that such atrocities are just ignored by the junta. The ignorance needs to be treated, the fear needs to be addressed. I mean, how many dogs have harmed humans, as compared to humans themselves. Can we go about injecting cyanide into humans on a mass scale and dumping them into holes in the ground? I would love that.

Adopt pets. Introduce your children to them. It’s engraved in stone, a child growing up with these four legged souls grow up to be much, much better human beings. If one has to learn unconditional love, it is from them. Even your moms and pops and kids may disown you some day. Dogs will never.

Help in any way you can. Ask for answers. Boycott Kerala till this bullshit ends. Make a noise. That houseboat ride through ‘nammade keralam’ and it’s backwaters can wait. God’s watching your priorities.

Sorry if you thought this was going to be a post about Kerala tourism. #BoycottKerala


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