Happy Valentine’s!

Remember i mentioned playing bollywood music for the opening of the Indian resto Bambu here in Tarapoto?




Well, they, and the diners liked it so much they asked me to play every night. I said no fucking way.

Instead i curated a youtube playlist and handed it to them. Thanks youtube, for making me immortal.





So this may be really funny. I was laughing too while playing most of these tunes. But i’ll wring your neck if you ever call me a bollywood DJ. I made it clear to them i wouldn’t be playing the shit that bollywood churns out today. Instead i went back in time. It was easy to recall the 80s – 90s tunes. Had a few unrequited love stories then, and i had at least a few songs for each story. But the best songs were even older, the ones i heard in my mom’s kitchen. When she cooked, she’d put on some music in her cassette player. Every day. And these have stuck for way longer than i thought they would. I still think that was bollywood’s golden era.

Check it out.

Happy Valentine’s Day, bitchezz!


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